Photos: leaks of the Huawei flagship Mate 30 Pro

During the past few days, leaked several reliable sources pictures of the phone Huawei’s upcoming flagship, namely, the Mate 30 Pro.

The design of the Mate 30 Pro

According to photos published by account Ice the Universe is known accurately leak its the phone Mate 30 Pro will maintain the curved screen that came by his predecessor, but the angle of the Bend will be more prominent. On the screen to be of type OLED manufacture, Samsung often, but no information is available about its size.

Although the series Huawei P30 got rid of the medallion adult, that would be the Case Mate 30 Pro, What suggests the existence of feature recognition three-dimensional face.

بالصور: تسريبات هاتف هواوي الرائد Mate 30 Pro 1

بالصور: تسريبات هاتف هواوي الرائد Mate 30 Pro 1

Source reported another to wear cameras, the background will be in the form of a carousel-style phones Moto Z and Moto G, are shown images, LED flash, in addition to the four cameras of the major ones that are capable of imaging with high accuracy, sensor time-of-flight capable of monitoring the details of the scene depth with high quality, maybe an ultra-wide lens trying to what the human eye sees, the lens of the periscope-like found in the P30 Pro offer zoom up to 10 times without loss of quality.

Specifications available

Usually offer Huawei wizard a new flagship with the series Mate, so we expect the arrival of the processor Kirin 990, as well as support networks of the fifth generation all version flagship phone, and do not expect that less storage capacity standard on the 128 GB capacity of RAM is about 8 GB.

Will be used with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro Android 10 Q from the fund that comes to user interface EMUI 10, and we expect his support and water resistance IP68 and fast shipping at 40 watts at least.

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On the subject of all, he says he’s in the middle of October next, to be part of a series Mate 30 version Mate 30 X Custom Games, but we can’t confirm this information completely until the official announcement.

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