Photos of anything and if it was very far away, using your phone’s camera

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Like the channel you can see distances very remote from it, but it is not for the purpose of spying on your neighbors in any case, in this article, we’ll show a way to use the app and the distance that he can reach.

You can see places far away from you clearly use your phone camera just which means you don’t need him to buy any device or other intermediary, the tools are present in your phone as of now.

With the application of the Telescope and on personal experience a very wonderful performance , you experience taken with a regular camera that doesn’t zoom in only for a limited distance, but with this app you can zoom to very long distances. You can adjust and control lighting and colour so you get a good picture when you’re taking photos of places away from you with the possibility of the control with Focus and a range of other control options.

After you download the app and run it we’ll see at the bottom the ratio of Zoom, and in aspects of the orientation lighting so that you can control the degree of lighting in dark places, as you can adjustment on the colors here, and at the bottom you can take a picture or video is playing and Vox etc.

When zooming begin remote places together and focus on a specific point, we’ll reach eight degrees of rounding which is the maximum possible for a camera phone to reach him, but we’re here, we can bypass this limit to do more of that and even 45 degrees percent, if you are in a forest or in nature you can photograph things far away, you can try photographing the moon at night, he says the owners of the app.

In addition to these features you can use the application to Telescope like a microscope, such as can see the point of the dust existing between the lines of the wood that you can’t see with the naked eye, it is through these nurses that are characterized by this app we use it a great application just have to give it lighting and you can turn off the light and run it through the button at the top.

The app has several uses is very useful so that there is a range of other options that will leave you write her yourselves .

Download app Telescope

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Photos of anything and if it was very far away, using your phone’s camera

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