Photos: the coefficient of test that pass by the Samsung devices before it reaches the user

Samsung provided a sneak peek behind the scenes on the factor test of its smart phones and wearable devices, where the legislation on these tests the “test group reliability” which begins its work as soon as you determine the hardware specifications.

Begin manufacturing sites send prototypes of the devices to group to assess and respond to factories to report on aspects to be improved, and the loop test and evaluation of these even up the hardware required, may require passage of the machine is estimated at 12 sessions.

Here’s a look about some of that being Tests:

Choosing a camera

Experience testing in environments that are controlled to improve the conditions of use of the camera in the places closed and open, and provides the artificial system mimics sunlight to put the camera in the conditions of the periods of the day and night, as there are other scenarios equipped with such a street by the signage lighting neon, and workout devices are sometimes out in public places to decrease the brightness, colors and clarity of sound.

Heat test

Describes the hardware in the tests for long periods and running one of the main applications and games, where surveillance cameras thermal the amount of heat and emissions.

The water resistance test

Enjoy a lot of Samsung phones water resistant IPX8 what makes it turn a deep dive into 1.5 metres of water for half an hour and more, but the hours Samsung undergo tests to harsh for resistance to 5ATM, which makes it water resistant to the extent suitable to use while swimming.

Drop test

Similar to classical testing, which offer some of YouTube channels, where they are projecting the devices of the altitudes specific to their weaknesses, with the help of a camera that can shoot at high frame to facilitate the identification of vulnerabilities.

Durability test

This test for the resistance of the device to potential damage of the user – contains the test click on the buttons and connect the disarmament of the heavens opening and closing the outlet provided direction, but there is a test trying to seating the user and the phone in your pocket.

Test environment

Test clicking on buttons is not enough, does change the feeling of clicking on buttons and interact with the devices as a result of changing heat and moisture? Because of the company’s customers from different parts of the world, make sure Samsung put its devices in the environments are trying to the product in the different countries of the world, that says one of the employees using the device and ensure his safety in the conditions of the environment different.

Sound test


With the help of puppets and computer, this exhibition examines everything related to health – calls (via headset calls or On Ear Headphones Bluetooth and regular), ringtones, and tests in two rooms one soundproofed and trying environments realism.

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