Pics Google launches feature of private messaging to share photos quickly

Appear Google Images “Google Photos” feature of the talks within the service to replace the individual photo albums.

صور جوجل تُطلق خاصية الرسائل الخاصة لمشاركة الصور بسرعةPics Google launches feature of private messaging to share pictures quickly

Think Google finally, that the images in the present is another form of communicating on social platforms, as much as it is a form of refer to smart, and for years, it was the only way to share photos through the photo service of Google is to create a shared album, but starting today, Google releases a new choice to participate, which is a feature of private messaging built for in service whether via the website or via applications.

As for the possibility to use, when you intend to share a photo with someone, you can simply send one through the messaging feature of the new, as you can start to chat as well as post photos with likes and even share the mood, therefore with this method, the images become a starting point for conversation, and Great be another form of social networking.

On the other hand, also, with this new feature start group chat with as many people as possible, and here everyone can share photos and even video clips, you can create a new conversation by selecting the sharing option below the image of the main library, while can access to chat to current tab “share”.

Direct Sharing in Photos

Finally, with the advantage of the new joint provided by Google on its service, the company has the opportunity to attract some of those social interactions to its own service, and thus bring new users, more worthy to refer that the water reaches users gradually, will everyone with the end of the next week, whether on Android or iOS or on the web.



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