Pics phone LG G8X show us a larger screen with smaller pieces, and take to the heavens in the bottom of the device


Zhuge LG for the coming of a new phone with two screens prior to IFA 2019 to be held in early September in the capital, Berlin, which is the phone that is likely to come a succession of phone LG V50 ThinQ compatible with the LG Dual Screen, which allows him to get the second screen. You may get phone LG G8 ThinQ on the successor of its own also has got the same appearance.

Having said that, we’ve got today on the new leaks from the boats of the famous French OnLeaks says that LG is working on a new phone called LG G8X will get a front camera and one instead of two cameras, which means that this phone will get smaller pieces at the Middle top of the screen. There is an earphone, a regular near the front camera, so this hints that the LG phone G8X sword settled also into the technology Crystal Sound OLED to pass the image across the screen.

New leaks hint at also to to phone LG G8X will feature a screen with a diameter of 6.2 inches with the knowledge that the overall dimensions of this phone will remain 159.3 × 75.8 × 8.5 mm. Given that the LG phone G8X new will put a little cut in the Middle top of the screen, it means he will settle down to the holographic camera responsible for recognition three-dimensional face. As a result, it will be considered LG phone G8X only on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen with the knowledge that LG G8X will be the first phone from LG Company featuring sensor fingerprint in the screen, and this in turn hints that the LG phone G8X will feature OLED display instead of LCD.

The bottom of the phone LG G8X will port headphones 3.5 mm and USB Type-C port of the amplifier. And when it comes time to face the background, you’ll face LG phone G8X use two cameras only, although we still don’t know the accuracy of these cameras and what is the role of the. Generally, happened to LG in IFA 2019 will be held in the seventh day of September next, so expect to see LG G8X and LG V60 ThinQ after less than a month from now.

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