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What you use design Material Design is a language or a design philosophy of the creativity of Google, and has announced for the first time in 2014 and use in Android and in the design of applications and websites, and affiliate services. Conference by a private developer last Google i/O 2018 announced the Android-P and also the new version of this language Material Design 2.0.

Going to Google to re-design its applications and its various services depending on the standards of the new language Material Design 2.0, and it has happened already with a number of applications such as application tasks Google Tasks and mapping application Google Maps and plugin the personal Google Assistant and others.

تصميمات Material Design 2 الجديدة أكثر بساطة

Design and Material Design 2 new more simple

Google intends to get involved in the re-design of the rest of the applications in the near term, perhaps with the official launch for Android P and the second generation of phones Google’s pixel near to, but suddenly a video appeared of the design of some working in the design team Google appears to change the perspective from which we will see in some other app is famous not only on the Android platform, but iOS too devices and the iPhone and iPad.

خط Google Sans الجديد في التصميم

Line Google Sans new design

Photo application and Gmail and Google Drive and application flight Google Trips and the web version of Google Maps all apps will see a major update on the level design based on the criteria of the new design of Google and that ensure more Commission to the simplicity and minimize the color in reality and rely more on several basic colors (and are the colors used in the Google logo: blue, red, yellow, green, and white and black and gray) in addition to re-design the fonts and the icons and buttons set the interface to use with respect to the luster and attractiveness.

الأيقونات الجديدة

New icons

تطبيق Gmial بتصميم جديد

The Gmail app with a new design

تطبيق Gmail بتصميم جديد

The Gmail app with a new design

تطبيق Gmail بتصميم جديد

The Gmail app with a new design

التصميم الجديد لتطبيق جوجل للرحلات Google Trips

The design of the new development of Google flights Google Trips

التصميم الجديد لتطبيق الصور

A new design for the sound development

التصميم الجديد للخرائط (نسخة الويب)

The new design for maps (web version)

التصميم الجديد لجوجل درايف

New design for Google Drive

What do you think about these new apps Google?

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