Pictures and specifications : Shawty officially reveal the phone Mi 9

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Pictures and specifications : Shawty officially reveal the phone Mi 9

After weeks of leaks and hints, the company revealed Shao Chinese formally for a phone its new flagship Mi 9 with varying specifications and price average.

The phone will come out of the interests of Shaw Direct issue Android new 9.0, the version will be a special transparent phone price is a little high .

A week of gifts from the market

Uses phone Shawty Mi 9 glass panel is a new feature curves minutes on its sides, is paired with Holo graphic new and fully working laser which creates a touch of reflectivity to the unique look of the phone.

The specification of the phone Shawty Mi 9

Phone screen size of 6.39 set-up, with AMOLED from Samsung and includes the side edges is very small noted small talk on the body to drop water at the top middle of the screen.

The ratio of screen to phone body approximately up to 91% .

The camera

Phone Shawty new holds 3 cameras and background, the main Strictly 48 megapixel and lens f/1.75, The paired laser system autofocus and a number of improvements to the artificial intelligence.

Main camera will be accompanied by his camera-enhanced 12-megapixel supports optical zoom of 2x and a sensor 16 megapixel New paired with a wide angle lens.

The camera front is coming strictly 20 megapixel.

Processor and banners

Phone will the latest fastest in the world now Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm, in addition to Ramat 6 GB, and internal storage space of 64 or 128 GB.

Women transparent Your from the phone you will get twice the number of RAM (12 GB) and internal storage space of 256 GB.


The rest of the specifications will include the possibility of wireless charging and a number of modern techniques of communication such as : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, IR Blaster

Finally, the battery of the phone, might be the weakest plug-in, will be with a capacity of 3300 ML amp Only.

The phone will be the starting price of $ 446, while the pricing transparent fabric special at $ 535.

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