Pictures – leaked phone new Nokia with the camera-circular and different design!

A recently leaked photo collection to Phone Nokia new is coming, and now leaked specifications with more pictures to confirm the launch of the HMD Global Phone carries the model number of the Nokia TA-1198 with a camera with a circular design and small shaped drop of water.

تسريب هاتف نوكيا الجديد مع كاميرا دائرة وتصميم مختلفLeak phone new Nokia with the camera circle and different design

This is not the first phone from Nokia with the design of a drop of water, the company launched by Nokia 4.2 with a similar design, but this new phone looks the biggest aquarium some thing.

Side is possible in Nokia phone new is that it has three cameras background come in the unity of the circular, which gives back the phone attractive appearance; and down that camera find sensor fingerprint in the traditional signal to the phone category average.

Moving to the specifications, works Nokia TA-1198 on the operating system Android 9 Pie as shown in the one photo with the security patch for the month of June, and DevCheck work phone by the chipset Snapdragon 660 battery 3500 Milli-amp, it will put the phone sensor camera with a 48 megapixel.

Even now is not recognized the name of the phone officially, it is expected that this phone is Nokia 6.2.

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