Pictures: new design and applications Google looks impressive

We have seen many improvements this year on the design language Material adopted by Google applications since 2014 which mainly rely on the card system, we saw a new design to plugin Google and Google maps, but it seems that the design will be determined by many applications of Google.

We’ve got pictures of the new designs of the video created it my partner Google Adam grabowski and Nicole pjanic citizens, the purpose was to review the new updates and display a comparison between the new design and the old team Google.

It will be gimli parking the drive and apply the image as well as the desktop version of Google Maps and the browser Chrome the most important applications that you will get a new design, adding a touch plugin Google and Google maps, which got the design already.

It seems from the pictures below that the new designs depend largely on the reduce colors and make the Display more clear, although what we see may be the control data are preliminary, they give us an idea of the appearance of the application when you launch the Android P.

The application of gimli

Google image

Google Trips

Google Drive

Google Maps

Chrome browser (desktop)

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