Pictures : will look like the Motorola folding

Pictures : will look like the Motorola folding

During the last few years we have already heard rumors and seen patents that show us that the company Motorola is planning to revive its phone famous classic Razr as a smartphone retractable, and it will be released exclusively to Verizon US.

This week spotted a new patent to the company, may enhance the these reports, too.

According to the patent, will change the size of your Motorola unknown until now, to become like tablet regular CD, as it can be folded directly from the middle to morph into a smart phone long.

Pictures : will look like the Motorola folding

The pictures show that there will be cameras placed in a way that makes its front camera in the front in the normal mode and the background in the back when it is folded phone, the program will then check the sensor to see which side of the machine facing the user and activate this side as “main”.

Of course, does not mean the patent that the device will not necessarily light of day soon, but it at least signals the extent of the interest of Motorola to basin tests epilepsy new phones in 2019 .


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