Pilots will begin to train in virtual reality

At the time, the introduction of special equipment makes it easier (and made cost-effective) training of pilots can practice basic techniques on a realistic simulator and only then get behind the wheel of the aircraft. However, the U.S. military decided to go ahead and plan to conduct initial flight training of cadets of military aviation schools with the help of virtual reality.

The US army had to take these measures due to an acute shortage of pilots in army aviation, says the publication Aviation Week. In the opinion of management, it will significantly reduce the time for initial training. Initially, the cadets will study the structure of the helicopter and the location of the controls in virtual reality. Then after passing a special test they will be able to get the basic skills of helicopter control.

Using VR military want to produce 1.3 thousand new pilots a year. The first experiment for the introduction of new technology have already been held in 2018: then 13 of the 20 students successfully completed a full course of training in just 4 months.

It should be noted that it is not about the pilots of the air force and the U.S. Navy — they will continue to practice skills on simulators and real aircraft. Army aviation provides for reduced requirements for pilots for their accelerated training. Complete training of the pilot of the helicopter in the U.S. Army is one year.

Now the important thing to the successful experience of army aviation is not used in the training of pilots for civil aviation and the air force. Otherwise, the safety of such flights will be called into question: still, even the most realistic simulator cannot replace a real cockpit.

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