PIN code, facial recognition or fingerprint scanner: which is better?

Tell me honestly: you have at least once wondered whether it is possible to trust the system through which you hold your phone on the lock? You can protect it with biometrics such as facial recognition or fingerprints, or traditional methods like PIN and passwords. But which one is better and safer? Let’s deal.

Choose the right system for locking your smartphone

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The facial recognition system

Facial recognition start your way in 2016 with the release of Galaxy Note 7, as Apple unveiled the Face ID as one of the pieces of the recent iPhone X. This feature is quite handy and it allows you to accurately identify you. One look at your device and it. No need to bother with passwords or something to press. But not everything is so rosy.

Take, for example, Google and its Pixel 4. Not so long ago found a flaw in the facial recognition system of this smartphone, which forced the search giant to urgently release the security updates. A similar option is the Samsung Galaxy S10 and is running, keeping in mind your picture and comparing the scan with her. That, as you know, easy to get around.

Fingerprint scanner

Like Face ID, the fingerprint authentication is a quick and easy way to unlock your phone. Just take it out and place your finger on the sensor (which can even be hidden under the glass). Here are some reasons that make the fingerprint scanner secure method of raznochinovka: the probability of false positives is small, as even you have 2 fingers have the same fingerprint of the drawings, the scanner works quickly and, in contrast to the same passcode you can’t forget it.

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Authentication of the fingers has many advantages, but it is not reliable, especially for those who have physical access to you and your phone. There are stories about kids using the finger of a sleeping parent to unlock the device, and recently we reported that hackers took only 20 minutes to crack the system. So what is there to trust 100% is also impossible. But information from our Telegram of the channel to believe we can, because we work only with trusted sources. Subscribe!

Password lock

Despite the achievements in the field of high technologies, proven methods such as pin codes and passwords are still one of the most common and reliable means to ensure the security of smartphones. However, smartphone users tend to create pin codes or passwords that are easy to remember, like your birthday or a set of numbers like 1111 and 0000. Such weak passwords make data easily accessible. In addition, the password, as has been said, you can forget, or someone might just peep it. So with this method we also need to be alert.

What to choose?

For best protection, do not rely only on one method. Use a combination of biometric sensors and pins to provide an additional level of security in case of failure or hacking. For example, using your Android, you can hide all important data from prying eyes with the aid of special applications (what we were told in this article) and access to close complex code. And unlock the phone it is possible and common biometrics. In this case, even if the attacker and get to mobile access, all the fun will remain inaccessible.

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