Pinterest launches a watered-down version of their application

Launched a social network devoted to share photos (Pinterest) Pinterest a watered-down version (Lite) Lite of application be it the latest tech companies that do this in order to meet the needs of users in emerging markets.

The company said: with the application (Pinterest Lite) Pinterest Lite users can benefit from fast downloads for images, as that app is running into a small storage space on mobile devices.

Referred to that this app is not the first (Pinterest), and as the company has to launch the application (Pinterest Lite) on the store (Google Play), but they removed it. about a year ago, according to data company (August I) App Annie.

And move the location of (the current) TechCrunch about the company saying: the application (Pinterest Lite) new is a (web application progressive) Progressive Web App Users can download from the store (Google Play).

The site pointed out that (Pinterest) formed in the month of July 2017 a team to rewrite the application to their own mobile devices from scratch to teach as a (web app offering). In order to provide a better experience for people who have a connection to weak internet connection, and a little bit of cellular data.

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Is available apps (Pinterest, Lite) new as of today to users of the Android operating system in a number of countries, including: Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and the size of 1.4 MB only. For the sake of comparison, the application (Pinterest) basic for Android has a size 143.1 MB.

A spokesman said the (Pinterest) – commenting on the launch of the application (Pinterest Lite) new: target is bringing Pinterest to all over the world so they can discover inspiration related to their interests wherever they are”.

With the launch of the lite version of their application, be (Pinterest) the latest among the technology companies that do that, as there’s apps: (Facebook Lite), and(Instagram Lite), and the(Messenger Lite) Facebook, and(Twitter Lite), and(Uber-Lite), and(Skype Lite), in addition to Google apps which protects subsequent (Joe) Go to distinguish it from the standard version.

Referred to to Google and provide a watered-down version of the Android operating system called (Android Joe), a wave of smart phones vulnerable specifications, come with the apps: (Google Joe), and(Gimli atmosphere), and(files, atmosphere), and(YouTube, Joe), and(Google Maps, atmosphere), and(Google set the atmosphere).

And the (Pinterest) to expand its global presence, revenue rose International announced the newly increased by 199% to $ 24 million in the third quarter, and the number of international users per month increased by 38% to 215 million users, from a total of 300 million users.

Pinterest launches a watered-down version of their application

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