Pirate publish registration data on hundreds of millions of users for free

hacker 2

Tends to inventors who choose to receive services via the internet to the sale of credentials stolen on the dark web. There were the processes of penetration huge in recent years, causing a leak of the hundreds of millions of users. It seems that some hackers have put most of the registry data leaked that in one package, easy to use, contains 2.2 million unique user name and password. Is now the distribution of this database online for free.

According to reports, the distribution of this package, consisting of 2.2 billion user name and password unique freely through the middle of hacking often. This means that anyone can put his hand on her, even in the case if he does not know what to do with that data specifically.

This comes following the leak of a huge former featuring 773 billion user name and password unique been distributed free of charge via the internet. Has appeared now the rules of the additional data of the same type on the internet, where the size of the total data stolen 845 GB.

It seems that most of the credentials stolen come from major attacks on companies like Yahoo, Dropbox and LinkedIn. This represents a big problem for those who tend to use the same password in all their accounts and do not know whether their information has been leaked or not. May be vulnerable to attacks in which hackers compiled the user names and passwords in the hope to match the names with the correct passwords. Often pirate it.

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