Pirates trying to steal the trade secrets of the automotive giants Hyundai and BMW

You know my company the German car manufacturer BMW and the South Korean Hyundai to the process of penetrating the complex ended in failure was after the theft of trade secrets relating to the work of the two companies.

Sources indicate that a hacking group OceanLotus behind the attack. According to that BMW discovered the entry of pirates into their systems quickly, but it worked to allow them to collect data for several months before she blocked them beginning of the month.

The sources confirmed that it is not leaking any sensitive data from BMW where they could not be Pirates of the penetration of the primary data centre in Munich.

For its part, didn’t know BMW on the particular incident, and saying that it has a complex structure of processes that restrict the attempts to hack your code and quickly detect and repair.

Hacking group OceanLotus or know the name of my APT32 or Cobalt Kitty thinks she is supported by Vietnam, and has targeted my company’s Toyota and Lexus, and the group to steal trade secrets and submitted to the government to accelerate its efforts in the auto industry.

Also among the victims of the former research institutes and media organizations and human rights organizations and the construction freely.

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