Pixel 2 XL couldn’t outpace the iPhone XS in the test chamber

The company Apple not long ago introduced the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR. Before the smartphones I wrote a little material about what Apple will surprise us. And, to his surprise, he was right.

The company, as expected, the main feature of the presentation made improvements to camera-based AI. The guys from Cupertino have presented an analog of the HDR+ mode. Unfortunately, the originals of the comparisons I found, but even the examples from the video we can understand that this year Apple made a decent breakthrough.

The comparison is taken from the video TheVerge. The author of the video claims that the camera Pixel 2 XL coped better, but I don’t think so, and will now attempt to explain my position on real examples.

In this photo the picture Pixel 2 XL may seem better due to its contrast, but in fact Smart HDR mode in the iPhone did a better job than the HDR+ mode in the Pixel 2 XL. The sky and the shadows it’s safe to say that the iPhone wider dynamic range.

The second scene again to the iPhone, in my opinion. Smartphone better treated by the direct rays of the sun.

Here, the result is Pixel 2 XL seemed more attractive due to the lack of yellow. It’s amazing how Apple is already a year that gives the photos being too yellow. Although here, too, all pretty controversial, as the left photo seem more alive.

Here you might think that Pixel won, but I don’t think so. Photo taken at Pixel 2 XL, though it looks more clear, but the face looks unnatural — it feels like someone took a picture of a person and photographed it on a smartphone. In other words, in the case of the iPhone a person feels more three-dimensional and alive. Perhaps the reason for this is exactly excessive yellowness, which was discussed above.

The same scene, but compared to the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 Plus. Surprisingly, it seemed that S9 Plus is capable of more.

The scene below in the differences with each other are very similar. HDR in the case of the iPhone copes much better, wider dynamic range, the picture is more natural. On the penultimate photo with the nature, you notice excessive gloss and sharpness of pictures Pixel 2 XL.

In my opinion, in this comparison, iPhone XS looks like a winner. If you disagree, please share your opinion in the Telegram chat or in the comments below.

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