Pixel 3 XL 2 times slower iPhone XS Max speed running applications

Have Google obvious problem with smartphones. Such a conclusion can be made based on the quality of new smartphones Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Devices externally, has become worse than the predecessors. And it would be possible to close eyes if terrible software. YouTube user EverythingApplePro compared Pixel 3 XL XS iPhone Max to test the speed of running applications.

Pixel 3 was more than two times slower than its competitor. Moreover, it is probably the slowest flagship on the market. Surprisingly, this year Google released unoptimized stuff with 4 GB of RAM, with an ugly neckline and a camera that the competition doesn’t stand out.

The author of the video noted that all applications run very slowly, there is a strong delay after pressing the application icon.

A similar situation exists in the case of another video from colleagues from phonebuff:

After this the team working on Pixel 3 and 3 XL will not be easy. Although, in truth, the blame should sundara, because he is responsible for all the Google teams working on different projects.

Of course, to further optimize the device, but the fact that the device for 2-3 months before the presentation was already in the hands of the bloggers and all these months have not been in any way optimized, forcing you to ponder whether Google smartphone Pixel? Once again the impression is that they simply do not care about the future of the line.

At the moment the best choice for those who want a flagship device at a reasonable price, will be the OnePlus 6T, who will present on October 29. I hope OnePlus will not go the way of Google and will not spoil the best Android lineup. Currently, 6T simply has no rivals, if it is the way it is everyone is expecting to see.

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