Pixel 3 XL coming with a screen 6.7 inch

Although it still separates us two months from the date of the inauguration of the pixels 3 XL officially, however, the leaks don’t stop, the blogger Ross to get a copy before the productivity of the phone and view them in video on the team, but can not see the video only through downloading, so we used this photo of them.

Revealed the video about the advent of the pixels 3 XL screen 6.7 inches precisely 1440×2960 which is extremely large, with a piece of screen trailing but with a relatively small battery with a capacity of 3,430 mA.

Comes phone Google flagship killer with camera mono background accurately 12 maps and a front camera accurately 8 mask with the same accuracy lens Google current pixel, but with the possibility of a sensor of the biggest advantages with the new.

Holds pixels 3XL processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 4 gigabytes RAM 64 gigabytes of internal memory space, it can be note screen support operating characteristic of the permanent and the ability to put wallpapers of the company in this situation as evidenced by the pictures, you can download the full video through the source link down through the team.

Source: Канал Лучкова

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