Pixel 3 XL phone, Google talk raises controversy before his appearance

Pixel 3 XL.. هاتف جوجل الحديث يثير الجدل قبل ظهوره

Announced the Google recently phone latest Pixel 3 XL, where the company promised to provide through this smartphone, everything is we the users, of the sign of Pixel trade, which include speed of performance, camera quality, in addition to the tricks of the exclusive always have Google.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Always raise the organs of the Pixel from the Google table, so why not Phone Pixel 3 XL different from his predecessors, where arisen about his conversations both positive and negative, while the description of some characteristic of his, at the time he bought the other design and area.

Some felt that the design of the latest phones Google smart with the aluminum frame didn’t come with the same level of the audience of the famous company, which is a phone supported memory of 4GB, the area of storage starting from 64GB and learn الـ128GB, but that didn’t stop them from referring to the potential of the phone is good also.

Phone specifications

Protects phone Pixel 3 XL, screen $ 6.3 inch, strictly 2960*1440 from quality Olid, and slide Cam Snapdragon 845, in addition to the memory referred to by a, 4GB, and 128GB of storage, which is reportedly less than expected, note that the phone processor octa-core.

The phone features latest Google of the existence of rear camera, 12.2 megapixel camera, girl, lens f/1.8, and video 720p240/1080p120/4K30, another camera dual front, 8 mega pixel camera, video 1080p30, up the battery capacity of your phone Pixel 3 XL to 3430 mAh, to work on system Android 9 PIE.

Need a phone box on a number of possible applications of Google, such as fast charger 18W, adapter fast transfer between devices, Quick Switch Adapter, link convert to USB-C, the other for the outlet of 3.5 mm.

Tell your price Phone Pixel 3 XL, about $ 999, in the case of fraud on the 128GB memory storage, as for the phone the owner of memory storage that do not exceed الـ64GB, leaving $ price at $ 899, with the situation in mind that the available colors of the phone are white, black and pink.

In the end, there were some problems on the surface, which belongs to memory management, random or high heat when charging the phone, where everyone is waiting now feedback Google, to defend her new-born child, which looks like it will become more and more phones Pixel controversial.

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