Pixel 4 he was able to export 4K/60FPS, but Google didn’t want that

I’ve always had phones Google Pixel is the most powerful in terms of the camera for its features and amazing performance is what made us surprised all when he announced Google about the new phone won’t support video shooting 4K/60FPS!

According to the tweet of Google on Twitter that the water didn’t come to peck the sender because the address of the 4K/60FPS needs space for storage is huge! While the phone is only available with a capacity of 64 and 128 GB.. like a fault of the user?

This tweet from Google was questioned and theories are many, the most important being that the Pixel was already destined to photography supports this resolution but Google removed in the end for two reasons, the first is storage and second is that this feature is not essential for all users, this while it’s available in phones, the competitors for two years or more.

Today announced one of the developers via Twitter by checking the source code for the operating system that the phone already had that feature but Google may delete it!

That act weird from Google, they could leave or even access to the phone spaces more storage! This while the phones of the competitors are now available with storage up to 512 GB!

Source: PhoneArena

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