Pixel 4 will call Assistant Google voice to reject the user’s phone (report)

Phone Pixel 4 will celebrate in a new way to activate the assistant to Google Voice

بكسل 4 سيدعم تفعيل مساعد جوجل الصوتي برفع المستخدم للهاتفPixel 4

No implementation of the Google company from adding new features exclusive to the phone by the Pixel; and especially that we are at the gates of the launch for the Fourth of them.

In this round of leaks according to 9to5Google, the company may provide a new way to call her assistant, voice style gestures to the screen and pressure on the side of the phone or by saying “Hey Google”.

But the way will be very easy by increasing the user’s phone only and start issuing voice commands to the norms of various kinds.

But it is not yet clear if the company will enable the feature to call the Assistant Google in the Pixel 4 over the lifting of the default settings, or it would leave it optional to the user according to his desire.

As to the issue enable the plugin via this method may result in activation of the reflex by mistake during a conversation call or a normal user, which opens the door to thinking about how to solve Google this problem in the case of support education phone this feature !

In the reference site indicates that the water may not be launched with the arrival of the phone market, while you may be launched to support the feature took to respond to calls in certain situations.

Spread out in the earlier a lot of shopping phone Google Pixels 4 included a lot of specification phone design the outer shape of the camera and many of the advantages that has the company provided the marketing of the public.

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