Pixel 4a closer — the smartphone has passed the FCC certification

It seems that the Saga with the output Pixel 4a is nearing its end. Around March of this year, information about the smartphone began to appear with enviable regularity. First we saw how will look the device, then lit up its retail box, which hinted at the imminent release. Obviously, COVID-19 affected the plans of Google to release a smartphone (it was expected that it will present at the conference Google I/O), but the wait lasted so long that it began to say that Pixel 4a is represented as the Pixel 5a, and in sale it will appear in the autumn.

Now it became known that the Pixel 4a is certified by the Federal communications Commission (FCC). This suggests that the device Google with the code name “G025J” may be sold in the United States. Usually this means that the release device will be held very soon.

By the way, based on FCC data, it’s safe to say that Pixel 4a will be deprived of the radar Soli, which was represented in the Pixel 4 (not claimed to support the necessary frequencies). In fact, no one was surprised by his lack of budget version of the device, especially since the popularity of this feature is not earned.

Well, now it remains to wait for official announcement from Google. Earlier it was reported that he will be held July 13.

Source: The Verge

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