Plans Apple TV for cars is still not clear, but they still continue to hire more engineers

Tesla model-s-interior-with-next-generation-leather-seats

Plans are Apple’s electric car self-driving secret key, although it was rumored earlier this year that the project was canceled the policy of Apple. What if they have such plans or not, it is still unclear, because Apple itself did not confirm or deny anything, but it seems that things are progressing as intended.

This is because, according to a new report released recently from the news agency poor, it appears that Apple has hired another engineer for its car project self-driving. This engineer is Steve MacManus which have been state of the company Tesla. It should be noted that Steve MacManus enjoyed with an extensive background in the automotive industry, has previously worked in companies such as Jaguar and Bentley and Aston Martin.

It was his role in the company Tesla is to be responsible for the engineering of the car’s exterior and interiors, though it is unclear whether he will use those skills during his work in Apple. It’s a very interesting part of Apple, especially that anyone can guess what the company plans for. At the time, reports that Apple is working on its own policy, but later the frequency that the company is working only on the technology of self-driving that you can license to other companies specialized in the automotive industry.

Just last month, confirmed to us by Apple that it has acquired a company specializing in the development of the technology of self-driving, and also that Apple made a one time offer to acquire the company Tesla leading the electric car industry.

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