Plans for Facebook to integrate WhatsApp instead may fail

Companies face Facebook some legal problems in connection with its plan to integrate WhatsApp instead and the elderly, as reported The New York Times reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering to seek a preliminary injunction against Facebook because of the risk of fraud and to prevent to merge several messaging services to the network.

The committee also discussed how companies in Silicon Valley to integrate the technical infrastructure that lies behind the application WhatsApp instead the elderly, where fears that the merger may make it difficult to split Facebook in the future, especially if the agency decided to takeover the company on some of these applications reduced the competition in social networks, but has not yet taken a final decision on what to do.

The giant social media had announced earlier this year about turning a key focus on privacy, which leads to integrating all of their social networks with other, so that the plan includes long-term multi-year consolidation of the infrastructure of Facebook and WhatsApp instead.

This is supposed to allow the integration of Facebook to unite all their social networks the three, allowing people to communicate with each other across all the different applications.

Is already being investigated with Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to the risk of fraud, and in case it turns out that the giant social media was hostile to competition in the market, it is likely to be the dismantling of the company an option, but that would be extremely difficult and it is not uncommon to do, since the commission revoked the deal was the acquisition of WhatsApp instead that have been closed for years already.

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The committee began its investigation after Facebook announced its that they will continue down the technical foundations WhatsApp instead the elderly, which allows to its users, numbering 2.7 million to send private messages encrypted from an application can be received from another application, the company said at the time: we build a basis for social integration is in line with the direction in which people care about increasingly a correspondence with each other in person.

Owns Facebook about 66 percent of the market social networking world, compared to 11 percent for both Pinterest and Twitter, the company achieved in the year 2018 net profit of $ 22.1 million.

Recall that it may be difficult for the committee to get a judge’s warrant, not to mention the division of Facebook applications, because we must at the outset to prove before the court that Facebook has violated the antitrust laws or they are about to do so, you will then need the approval of a majority of the commissioners in the formal voting on any process of disintegration.

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