Plastation fifth generation will be faster about 10 times than the PS4 in download games

بلاستيشن الجيل الخامس سيكون أسرع بحوالي 10 مرات من PS4 في تحميل الألعاب

Sony unveiled during its conference strategy the company’s annual report on the number of new properties pain 5 or what is called the plastation the next generation, where he showed a presentation the ability to download games fast of the device through the Test game Spiderman compared to the PS4, as only the peso conversion period second in time that the previous generation needs approximately 8 seconds to complete the same process.

Also, the display shows a high capacity unit games coming from Sony in the presentation of the maps and backgrounds in the game with high accuracy without any chopping or jamming, or stop, to do it a different experience for the user test the game with its own merits as the following video shows that the reporter Reuters:

The company had revealed earlier about many of the internal components been the fifth generation in terms of providing him with the octa core processor AMD Rayen with 7 nm in accordance with the processing unit a dedicated graphics Radeon Navi by tracking people’s location where will PS5 accuracy of 8K, as well as the replacement of the storage drive HDD with SSD speed and higher performance in Take-Off which play an important role in the operation of the device as a whole will be powered by the sound of 3D to make the gaming environment more realistic.

On the other hand it seems that the console plastation next will depend on apartments digital only but the company will remain on the engine of the laser where the company will seek to win over the owners of its adoption services option Games initiative, where it has entered into a partnership with Microsoft in the framework of the development of this university and to expand its control in the field of games and broadcast live.

Police haven’t released yet about the price of PS5 or the date of its launch which will be during the next twelve months is definitely according to the statements of the former, so we must wait until come back to us with new information about this.

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