Plate Swift emulator now supports Incognito-automatic “demo”

لوحة سويفتكي تدعم الآن وضع التصفّح الخفي التلقائي "تجريبي"

Three years have passed since Microsoft acquired the plate Swift you “SwiftKey”, and unlike the Sunrise, Wunderlist, SwiftKey continue to develop it actively, so they make their way to Windows 10, not to mention the advantages of the New other also improved support for GIF and integration with Bing, and by the way, in the update of the former official was get rid of the engine ping cross to remove it from the board if it annoys the user.

Generally in the new update of the demo version SwiftKey Beta supports color now the option of browsing the hidden automatic, so when a user intends to open the hidden mode on your browser, and the fact that the painting relate to what is written and the word “suggestions” in the context, it is important to see this feature even not the user is located in a critical of any form.

On the other hand, this automatic switch supports most major web browsers, with the exception of UC Browser, finally you can get this feature to download the application SwiftKey Beta from the store Google Play or download the file. the APK from here, to be a little impatient to get this feature in the official version.

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