Platform Android Auto for cars get the new changes improve the experience of use of the word

Android Auto

Today, the company Google to publish a new publication on the official blog explaining a set of new changes that will come to cars that have official support for Android Auto.

In the beginning, there is one new. Has been streamlined and displays more apps at once. You can find the applications most commonly used in the top row. In addition, it will provide you with badges, Google Assistant and new information relevant to the calendar or news, for example, without having to divert your eyes from the road.

As soon as pairing with Android Auto, you can now for your device to resume playback of the song or the sound automatically or anything else you are doing, provided that the application is compatible with the platform Android Auto. In the case if you ever asked Google about what will fill the Maps application automatically the screen will display directions as soon as you call.

Prevents your partner’s development the new more information than ever before. Not only that, but when you use the navigation application, you will see the music controls there, and vice versa, so when you look at the song, will appear information directions in the tape. Moreover, there is now a dedicated button for notifications missed. From there, you can check messages, missed calls or reply to messages via voice call or call back missed calls.

Finally, system will Android Auto now change the size of the user interface on the screen of the Android Auto wider. At the present time, containing the screens is clear the unused space in the interface. Will update to use the space to better achieve the vision of the college.


This update will be provided at the beginning of units of a radio that supported official for the Android Auto in cars. Will not be updating the smartphone version of Android Auto to get you these changes. Will be gradually withdrawn application Android Auto to the driving mode for the digital assistant Google Assistant.


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