Platform basket closes investment round led by forerunner ventures

Managed the company “basket” e-commerce in the closing round of their first investment led by flagship ventures with the participation of all of vision ventures away ventures in addition to the company’s direct impact, the aim of this investment to accelerate growth in the local and regional market.

Are considered cord region the most developed and the best of the thousands of e-Shops in Saudi Arabia where enables traders to build their stores, electronic easily and directly to customers without any commission on sales, whatever the number of products and no matter how varied its value, as well as for plans integrated with all payment services and storage with the push of a button!

Says nawaf silky founding partner for the basket “electronic commerce grow significantly especially in Saudi Arabia and we are in the basket offer the latest technology to facilitate trade in any place, we are currently in the basket more than thirty special service for this is not limited to the service sector, retail and finished products only but also serve the business who offers their services online or are selling digital products or even a household product that sells food everyone can eggs by the basket easily ”

Stated Salman-bit co-founder to basket “to new packages, launched in May 2018 provide marketing tools and effective to increase sales for each store, a trader can target the right slide of the customers of the store through discount coupons directed in addition instruments to measure accurate and detailed reports on the performance of each store, in response to the requests of museums, we have provided templates and designs professional suit customer needs according to the type of their stores ”

It is worth mentioning that the platform basket launched in 2016 to provide the service free to all traders across a bouquet (basket basic) will continue this package for free then any dealer that starts today at store opening his mail without any cost and wish to obtain additional services, he can upgrade the package paid (wire plus) or (wire tem) and take advantage of all of the outstanding services provided by the e-stores.

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