Platform buzz for social interaction: ready to work and are committed to strengthening our culture

“Ready to work, and are committed to strengthening our culture. Our principle will be to do what we say, and forget what we promise”.. that feeling announced Baaz (Baaz) for Palestine as a social media platform cart to support the Arabic content. Platform buzz is a social media platform trolley that exists in the foundation for the Arab user, so he can express his thoughts, and communicate with peers in the language of his mother, and the network of Arab 100% is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Established Paz paid and minds of the Arab, with the aim of breaking the belief prevails universally that consumers of technology, not producers don’t. As to the proliferation of false news, and accounts of the illusion that you bring to spreading hatred among the people, was a cause of motivation to activate the latest technologies-artificial intelligence in the design of the platform-Paz, to fight those accounts, and place restrictions on publications that advocate hatred, whether it was posted from fake accounts, or real accounts.

Platform’s features buzz for social networking

– You can just build your page and your community how to what you love.

– You can plug more than 150 social network on your account.

– Publish what you want on all your pages from one place.

-You can configure groups based on your interests, invite your friends, and your community for interaction within the group.

See the platform-Paz social

See the platform-Paz to any social media platform cart in need of 4 points to be inspired, to deepen the culture inherent in the conscience of the Arab peoples, after that frequent it, input the West that changed its parameters.

Left to the Arab user in need of the following four points:

  1. Freedom of expression: freedom of expression is a right guaranteed to everyone, the buzz become the freedom of expression nature in the Arab human being. Of course this is without taking letters of hatred and contempt, but freedom of expression as a basis for the sincere realism between members of the per-language, culture one. So – on the basis of the principle of “difference in opinion does not spoil the friendliness of the case” seeking buzz, subtly transparent to filter hate speech and its renunciation, to emphasize the principle that freedom of expression does not mean lack of morality, but rather expresses the positive reinforcement does not.
  2. Battle value: the battle linked to production. No value for do not follow their productivity. So encourage buzz on its platform of publishing valuable content that expresses our identity in the basis, adds to our culture of Arabia, and in the paper and the maturity of the Arabic users to communicate by adding the real content to him. This would support Arabic content at an exceptional value real.
  3. Real links: should reflect the expansion of the virtual social networks, the true links which bind the sons per-language with each other. Don’t value relationships fake fragile peoples combines history, heritage and culture of one. Today, the understanding is what helps to create room for creativity.
  4. Affiliation: however, the existence of the digital world the virtual is becoming a reality, it is not wise to refuse it. Imposed upon us – we – that we’re dealing with, forget it. Therefore, the aim of Paz to be this merger with cart, a hand cart, carrying the spirit of belonging, and to deal realistically with the development of media in the digital world, but without abandoning the values and principles of the Arab that lives up to this communication.

Despite the confirmation of the platform buzz for social interaction on that social network Arabic to support Arabic content, but it further emphasized that society’s digital platform buzz, extend to all cultures and peoples, even if they are not Arab. FTCE buzz from the first day to the expansion and spread of the world, but as the working value of love and spices, and implements negative emotions, and hate speech.

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