Platform CarPlay will be available in Toyota cars Lexus

This topic platform CarPlay will be available in Toyota cars وLexus appeared on Engadget.

Toyota car Avalon year 2019 at the auto international North America NAIM, which will see the platform Apple CarPlay for the first time in Toyota vehicles.

Toyota has refrained from the use of platforms CarPlay or Android Auto in its cars, and in 2015 explained, “John Hanson” National Manager for Toyota advanced that the company would prefer (at the time) to use their platforms for this type of jobs.

2019 Toyota Avalon

In 2016 turned to Twitter to adopt a platform application SmartDeviceLink of Ford Motor Company and is not platform Apple or Google, and last year in Jan 2017 I founded my company, Toyota and Ford platform SmartDeviceLink Consortium, with a focus on expanding the systems support iOS and Android for the color of the car without having to cede control to Apple or Google.

The company confirmed that the platform CarPlay will be found in additional policies for the year 2019 of the Toyota وLexus, which operate with information, education and Entune 3.0 in Toyota, Enform 2.0 in cars Lexus. It is not yet clear whether the models 2018, which is already working on those platforms you will support CarPlay through a software update or not.

In the context of Avalon 2019 users will be able to interact with CarPlay through the touch screen for 9 inch; but there is no support for wireless. It also features a new model by consensus of Toyota for the first with smart watches and assistant Amazon audio “Alexa” through compatibility with the platform’s Remote Connect, what allows for your car to function such as lock or unlock the doors and run their car through Alexa or a smart watch.

It seems that Toyota is learning support specifically for CarPlay, and it seems they will add support for Android Auto at this time.


This topic platform CarPlay will be available in Toyota cars وLexus appeared on Engadget.

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