Platform Click version, Second add new services to the programmer of the Arab

Did not pass 6 months on the launch platform Click, and still achieve impressive results and positive reviews, and this is reflected clearly on the statistics, the platform appeared the click to cover an important gap in the community software Arab, designed to enrich the content of the software.

Create an incubator environment to the programmer, the Arab, the address Platform Services click focus the efforts of its basic questions and answers in a participatory environment, the semi-social to serve the interests of all and the rapid progress of any programmer cart seeks to achieve his dream of reaching advanced levels in the world of programming.

After a long wait launched the enhanced version of the platform Click (version 2.0).

What’s new in Version 2.0 of the platform Click?

Appeared the 2.0 version of the house click after the polls significantly expanded to take the opinion of the users and meet their needs, the modern city design and content maybe more what was ordered is what created the team, click the design a distinctive and useful content.

The security update in the platform click by note, and while it didn’t get any breakthrough earlier to the developers of the click anyway of improving safety and bridging the many gaps existing in the previous version, in order to meet the aspirations of the Arabic programmer who will not accept to share his information private or impenetrable.

At the level of basic service in a product, service question and answer. The product of its services in this area, said securing, and put some tape to the type of questions allowed, making it easier for you all as a programmer and designers to understand the and south on these questions, which achieves the primary goal of the platform is click a configuration environment software cart a refined and advanced intended to serve everyone.

More visual enhancements in the design of the site, as new notices, wholly in terms of design and quality of content, and much more.

As can now log in using your account at Git Hub, you can also use your account in Google for the same task.

According to the exclusive comments to technical 24 of the founder of the site, “Abdel Rahman fanny” it is hoped that the next version of the site click will hold a pleasant surprise for programmers the throne.

He didn’t talk about it directly, but it seems he’s talking about the service business exhibition that preceded the talk about in an earlier statement to provide 24, is expected to issue the next version during the first month of the next year.

A tribute to the of coder the famous Iraqi Mohammed Issa

He praised Mr. Mohammed Issa, a programmer Iraqis have a large impact in the community software Iraq for the updated site click, happy very presence of the idea of special blocking needed Arabic programmer for development.

Proven, platform-Click to Arabic programmer actually enjoys the respect of the hoped-for of him, away from the traditional style and content of what he has achieved site click of surprises Sarah in less than 6 months confirms the professional coder Arabic and his shows never evident to the programmer of the Arab is worth report.

Helped build a software environment cart special for you and everyone

You can participate in the Simply put, to get solutions to your problems to help you your fellow programmers the bride in the planning hurdle, the house was built on the idea of participatory that some people questioned its success, and it is your turn to prove the opposite of this word.

You can engage with us easily by clicking on this link and create a new account simply and then start to answer questions or put your questions and problems on the community software.

As you can continue to click on social media via the user name @naqrahOfficial.

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