Platform cloud storage Dropbox learn about the feature ” Extensions ” to enhance the users workflow


Dropbox is a great service for cloud storage if you are looking for a way to backup and synchronize your files and folders across different operating systems core. However, since there are a lot of other online services which offer similar functions, like iCloud and OneDrive, and Google Drive, for example, but not limited to, the Dropbox certainly need to differentiate itself.

One of the ways that the hopes by the company to achieve it is to launch a new feature called plugins and ” Extensions “. This feature will provide users basically a better integration with apps and third party services, which will allow you to perform a variety of tasks within the platform Dropbox itself without the need to download files, and service, etc.

According to Dropbox, it has stated by saying : ” this series of work became possible only because we we created a buy of the deep with company the productivity of a leader include Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign and Vimeo and airSlate and HelloSign and Nitro and Smallpdf and Pixlr. We want users to have the ability to move smoothly from one task to another without breaking the workflow. You should be using a range of tools and applications as easy as using the package tools provided by one of the service providers leading “.

Expected to be the feature of ” Extensions ” available for users of Dropbox on the 27th day of November next, so if you are using for Dropbox this service is used for more than just storing files in the cloud, it might be an advantage plugins are ” Extensions ” of this new useful to you.



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