Platform Hunting Dollars to connect budding entrepreneurs with investors

منصة Hunting Dollars لربط أصحاب المشاريع الناشئة مع المستثمرين

When you start thinking about a project, the owner needs to be financial support so, sometimes, possesses the entrepreneur’s self-funding his idea, but a lot of times it takes to get the additional investment to continue the work, which provided some of the platforms but in different forms according to the nature of the investment, investors and ideas.

Recently, it launched a Saudi platform tailored to the needs of this category and I called it the Hunting Dollars to be a place to pick up budding entrepreneurs with investors from all over the world and all stages of the project.

The product idea to ask the owner of the project idea by identifying the stage of the project at the time, whether just an idea or inside force, or complete its development, or until ready to use, thus the investor can search in the global map project in each region and choose the appropriate project to invest in.

Of course, the platform Hunting Dollars available to interested entrepreneurs in all countries, as investors from all over the world to communicate and invest in the right project, and all projects and ideas, but the owner can not access to investors, while the investor can see all the existing ideas.

And compilers on the product they are available with a subscription, in order to attract the entrepreneurs and investors for serious only, without the other.

But since the SAR, the owners decided to provide a code free registration available until 10 July 2019 for all entrepreneurs interested in Saudi Arabia (MBSDREAM) and use it when shopping and access to step defense, a symbol of the brief for the crown prince and His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman.

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