Platform Microsoft Azure get storage high performance

منصة مايكروسوفت Azure تحصل على مساحات تخزينية عالية الأداء

Supplied cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure, which is based mainly on the management and installation supervision for applications and services through the global data centers are managed by Microsoft, a number of storage spaces options to a high-efficiency, which focuses on the strength performance and the response speed for tablets storage.

The first of these disks is of type SSD with a high speed of response and efficiency in work and economy in energy, under the name Ultra SSD Managed Disks, where Microsoft says that the response speed of these drives up for part of the thousand per second, which makes it highly efficient in operations that require loads of computerized great.

The other two species lost shoot ‘ em off Microsoft at the beginning of this year from the same category of the SDD Managed Disks, namely Premium and Standard, where the tablet Ultra SSD updated version of those CDs quickly in response to less entry the best,

And as much operations, input and output to 160.000 process per second, will be the new space to range of 4 giga bytes to 64 terabytes.

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