Platform “n academic” educational be able to collect 32.2 million riyals in the round of investment first

منصة "نون أكاديمي" التعليمية تتمكن من جمع 32.2 مليون ريال في جولتها الاستثمارية الأولى

Revealed platform n an academic leader in the field of e-learning in the Middle East, from the closed round of investment the first day and the value reached 32.2 million Saudi riyals the equivalent of $ 8.6 billion.

He said the new investment fund “Flagship Ventures” Fund, STV, and saw the participation of “self-taught” investment, “the Saudi company for investment the bold” (SVC) as well as a number of individual investors including co-founder of the company “the cream” Abdullah Elias and Dr. Abdul Rahman as, the CEO informed investors Saudi Arabia Mazen al-Jubeir.

Became this round of investment is the first to help in increasing the company’s capital from investment institutions, as the largest increase in the share capital of any educational institution in the Middle East and North Africa.

Commenting on this step, said Omar Almajdouie, the company’s co-founder for “flagship ventures”, on the indicators most promising accorded to the education sector interactive online particularly the model provided by the platform “n the academy” and added: “There are a lot of platforms that facilitate access to education programs, but what distinguishes this area is its focus on stimulating students to introduce an element of fun to the study through challenges and competitions and a sense of accomplishment, and thus its ability to deal with one of the most important problems facing students today.”

In a cross-Abdul Rahman Tarabzouni, the founder and CEO of the fund, the STV said: “We have in the UK alone about 6 million students, and much more in the states of the region, and that is why it is important today more than ever, facilitating the task of the collection, gain knowledge and take advantage of opportunities. Look positively to the future of the sector and a vision promising the founders of the organization, which combines technology and outstanding teachers aims to facilitate the study and make it more effective for millions of students throughout the Middle East.”

Referred to that platform n Academy includes more than 90 staff from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India to develop the work of the organization and its technology, in the there are about 50 employees part-time work on content development on the product.

After this investment, the co-founder of “Flagship Ventures” Omar Almajdouie; director of investment in the “STV” Han elements, and co-founder of the company “the cream” Abdallah Elias to the board of Directors of the company “N the Academy” will join the board of Directors of the company N academic education.

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