Platform n e-commerce journey begins expansion in Asia by China

منصة نون للتجارة الإلكترونية تبدأ رحلة التوسع آسيوياً عن طريق الصين

Announced platform n e-commerce for the launch of my unit, the work of two new in China to expand its work to new areas in Asia, where the aim of this step is to provide a new suppliers of the product to provide more options to customers and transfer of business to other areas.

She said noone opens a business unit is not in the People’s Republic of China and in Hong Kong to reach more suppliers, especially food products being the Chinese market the most notable development of the electronic world. It also partnered with another company to provide e-payment services to facilitate transactions and transfer money with the users.

The company seeks to expand in the Middle East in countries such as Pakistan, as is the case with the countries of North Africa, which means more demand for products which require the provision of more goods to the region.

For his part, said Mohammed alabbar is a founder of the “We look forward to the partnership with major brands and shopping platforms in China to expand our business and provide more products to our customers in the Middle East.”

The company has started its work at the beginning of last year saw a difficult competition especially with platforms such as the market, but began exerting its influence after that.

It has announced a partnership about two months ago with eBay to provide all the existing products on the home American clients of Nona in the Middle East.

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