Platform Slack: what is it? Its advantages? The leading competitors? More details

In the corporate world there are special platforms to manage communication between staff and conduct conversations and exchange of files and documents and share the ideas and manage the discussion of the interior, away from the privacy violations and the content of personal ads and compensation plans and updates the corporate risk.

In this area there is a service call the market currently, namely the Slack where they invade companies, and used by the institutions of the emerging small, medium and even large.

In the information economy, it can be a sort of internal discussions in the institutions is a daunting task, especially when the debate over the safety of the long emails, the goal of the collaboration tool of collective cloud-based is safety and internal communication in order to increase efficiency.

This is the directory of your Slack introduction to the easy digestion of the service, provide for the Elimination of the company’s owners and employees to learn about the platform waiting to help them in the management discussions and management and improve communication inside the institutions.

  • What is the Slackin?

Slack Slack is a collaboration tool based on cloud aims to be the core product, which is available through his band, compared to many of their competitors they are the most simple, think Slack substitute for e-mail, although it works more like group Messaging and helps to get rid of the formalities of e-mail, and a variety of channels that can be used by employees and businesses alike.

Can prevent a Slack integration with a wide range of services to external actors, and among these tools the developer tools such as Bitbucket and GitHub, IFTTT; and file storage services such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox; project management tools such as JIRA and Zendesk; the prevention of social networks such as Twitter and Foursquare.

You can run Slack in any modern browser, whether Chrome or Opera or Safari or Firefox, available a desktop application for Windows and Mac OSS, in addition to support for Linux (currently Ubuntu and Fedora). Applications are available for mobile on both iOS and Android.

  • What is the purpose of Slackis?

All tool come to solve a problem or achieve a goal, and of course don’t expect Slack so flush down the drain, the goal of Slack is to increase productivity by streamlining communication, with the development of Slack in the middle of your workflow communion. To do this, the focus of the designers of the service to solve problems that are not known by the users, a task which is very abstract and it is easier described in the example of more than identified.

Take, for example, send links to articles and headlines must work for bloggers, when you do this through the mail contains the sender to explain the content of the link, while on the Slack include the link and it automatically shows the title of the page and its thumbnail is also not, and this reduces the time spent in writing about the content of the page to the consignee thereby accelerating the process of suggestion of violence that can work on them.

Features Slack a variety of these tools useful assistance, in an interview with CNET, recalled the founder of the company Slack, “and there are a range of features that people want so they don’t know what they want … but when they get it, they love it”.

  • Of are the classes that help her Slack and what is the return?

Practically any organization or company use Slack, not containing the free version on the restrictions regarding the number of users who can be added to the group, and maintains indexes another 10,000 message searchable, and you can use 10 services integrated with it.

And of course there are plans driven by the benefits of additional users and companies, in the introduction to the standard $ 6.67 $ per month, which store unlimited messages can be used an unlimited number of services integrated with Slack also includes retention policies allocated to the user groups and sign in to the Google Authentication / Apps for Domains and the arrival of the guest to the service offered e-mail configurable.

Institutions that require a large level of cooperation between members of the group take advantage of the Slack. I have programmers, journalists, and other professions that are likely to spread across different offices, a large number of remote workers or self-employed, or have group members who are often traveling, they can get the maximum benefit from this product, on the contrary, companies that focus heavily on the client such as real estate agency are less likely to need to Slack as it is to communicate with the customer more than him within the organization.

According to the Polls has been on companies, has been reducing the number of emails that have been created by communities that have adopted Slack at the rate of 48.6%, while the reduced meeting rate of 25.1%. While 80.4% of respondents indicated that the use of Slack increased transparency.

  • The leading competitors of alternatives to the Slackfor?

Have grown a range of Hipchat which is run by a company Atlassian has long been a platform more integrated with conferencing tools such as audio and video CDs, and this service of the leading competitors slack has been replaced its name to Stride.

Have Stride the line free with a storage capacity of up to 5 GB and 10 apps or Bot, and 25 messages in the messages log, level payments of Stride is US $ 3 per user per month.

One of the best competitors also find the Teams from Microsoft, which is Marketing on a large scale recently, the plan provides free plans and paid, there are also Workplace by Facebook of Facebook.

  • What you should know also about the Slackout?

This platform provides the owners company or business create as many channels or groups on various topics, and debate with staff who care.

You can such as preventing staff from access to the discussions of Finance, you can also give remote employees access to the debates on the participation of employees in the enterprise, and so on.

Allow Slack also staff police chat between each other and share files, images, text, and animations and express feedback, as it can make group conversations.


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