Platform Twitter to reveal the game lyrical and broadcast video quad

منصة تويتش تكشف عن لعبة غنائية وخدمة بث فيديو رباعية

Announced Broadcast Platform visual video games, Twitter about her work to launch the feature broadcast of the new group; in addition to launch a new game also competent in the field of music and singing, during its annual conference which lasts for four days in San Jose.

The company said it will launch service to broadcast a new video could be for four people to broadcast one sentence with each other via split-screen will be tested in the coming period of the current year, as for the game stated the company that it will launch a new game to sing The Witch Sings Will users in and share their hobbies and their performance with their surrounding community, where according to police they found the music of the karaoke is the case, the most suitable for starters in line to live in this area, so although they will be limited only on the counterfeit versions of the songs being Twitter I don’t have a license to use the trademark the original way.

In addition to that broadcast service via Twitter today have a new feature due to the latter property, which was launched by Snapchat supplied cameras to copy the desktop, open a fan of Twitter now take advantage of lenses augmented reality for Snapchat and enjoy a new experience across the beacons broadcast their own.

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