Platform Unifonic Cloud get the exception value for 78.75 million riyals

منصة Unifonic السحابية تحصل على استثمار بقيمة 78.75 مليون ريال

Saudi Arabia announced the “Saudi Technology Ventures” on its investment for 78.75 million Saudi riyals (21$ million) partnership with the fund for the wind technique, Endeavor Catalyst, the company note, the pioneer ventures in the platform Unifonic cloud within round investment class “A”.

The region has been a cloud base of important clients, despite their novelty, where it offers its services to companies such as AWeber, cream, Domino’s pizza, and others through the provision of messaging text and instant with millions of customers. MSF also provides techniques for data analysis rely on artificial intelligence to help companies.

Says STV ” Unifonic play a pivotal role and important role in strengthening the market trend of cloud growing. According to a study published by market research firm IDC, the sector “communication platform as a service”, or what is known as a test of CPaaS, substantial growth is expected to reach the size of its revenues of $ 8.2 million in 2021 compared with 867 million in 2016. We believe that Unifonic is uniquely positioned for acquisition opportunities provided by this promising sector.”

And STV many of the reasons that made her take this resolution, saying, ” Help platform Unifonic cloud in a quantum leap in various sectors of life. Giving their customers such as major banks, airlines and e-commerce the ability to send millions of text messages are instantaneous, which allows them to notify a group of travelers delayed their flight, or the launch customer on the new order from the e-store their favorite, or even confirm the operation of the bank securely and. Also offer Unifonic programming interfaces easy to use and allows software developers to use SMS or voice calls in the application of their systems different electronic.”

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