Platform valid closed its first round of investment to provide 10 million real

Managed platform “valid” simultaneously with the occupation of the first decade at all of closing its first round of investment valued at 10 million Saudi riyals, to begin an organization interested in digitization of the wholesale market to the consumer market a new phase of distribution geographically throughout the kingdom.

The organization aims to transform the wholesale market for the digital world to become the power consumption of the reducer closer to the owners of emerging business as well as homeowners who want to obtain economic solutions with minimal effort.

Published valid in its statement commenting on the move: “this investment will help the founders of the project, Mohamed Al-Khaled Sayari to lead a team to “valid” to expand geographically and continue to develop a forum that enhances the buying behavior of economic supports the kingdom’s Vision 2030 in the formation of a healthy community financially.”

The draft platform is valid one of the outputs of the program Inspiron day “business platform and subsidiary of Saudi Telecom STC”, has been to embrace have the incubator in Dammam, and previously I don’t get the award for “headband” as the best pilot project in the eastern region.

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