Platform Warehouse offers a new way to trade in a new for classified ads

منصة مستودع تقدم طريقة جديدة للتبادل التجاري بأسلوب جديد للإعلانات المبوبة

Choose a platform for trade, advertising methods, but there are some ideas that try to put themselves in a special place among the users of the model are encouraging to carry out operations of trade or advertising in a manner that is easy and flexible compared to other platforms. It is provided by the platform repository that aims to build a directory of wholesalers, factories, and importers to facilitate trade between them and the retailers.

You can register in the platform repository in a manner easy and fast, and then the subscriber can create a profile to private property that it represents and add important information about its free of charge, and then the subscriber can publish their ads the way you want it thanks to the excellence of the product by providing the flexibility to write the ad and put the photos in a way that suits its owner.

Considers the way the work of the organization closer to Twitter in form and manner of publication as well as the use of tags in the deployment, which means great ease in use. Thus, the user can write text and put images appropriate without obligation to specific or high-quality sound. The level of ease of communication between the business personally, by the numbers set by each dealer in his file.

MSF also provides property document account, which are made through the face shared with the team to make sure all the necessary data.

What can gain the following from home?

We can say that the product offers the advantages of free to build their base and increase their market share in different places without having to pay large costs for advertising, what means increasing market share and identification of new customers and raise the proportion of sales in an innovative way. But in return when the sale is complete, you will get the product on a commission of 1%.

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