Platform Wear OS to bring the features of the Apple Watch smart

Revealed the latest leaks about Google’s plans to bring the features of the Apple Watch Smart series 4 in the new update for the Wear OS, where the new algorithm to monitor the heart rate through the layout of the ECG sensor with EKG.Apple Watch- breakout feature - coming to Wear OS

Made Apple H series 4 smartphone with features that supports user view layout to the ECG, with the sensor EKG, where he is scheduled to work these sensors to monitor any abnormal activity, like working on a notice to the user when the monitor no problem.

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The advantage of monitoring the ECG of nurses that are absent from the platform running Wear OS, but the latest leaks suggest that Google is on its way to achieve the platform running smart watches and after that got Verily it is one of the research institutions affiliated to Google, for approval to use the new technique allows to read the layout of the ECG in the model for a smart watch.

And the approval comes from the level of Class II the challenge of medical devices, where he is scheduled to allow the smart watch is recording the outline of a heart, storing the information of the rhythm of the heart with the possibility of transferring the data, via the technique of ECG, is also expected to come this technique subsequent to the hour of the Pixel from Google.

Recall that Google acquired recently also filed a patent لFossil in the smart watches, where the termination of the transaction and $ 40 million, so it’s expected that the search giant versions innovative of smart watches in the coming period.


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