Player application anghami videos – download and convert videos to MP3

Meet always videos in different sources and the sites which is special? And if you can save them in your device? Or even convert them to audio clips MP3? Today we offer you the possibility to it with the player application anghami videos !

تطبيق مشغل انغامي فيديوهات - لتنزيل وتحويل الفيديو إلى MP3

Player application anghami videos – download and convert video to MP3

Depending on the player application anghami videos available on the App Store or shutters in the Saudi paper, you can now download and save videos from any site, as well as this the app lets you convert those clips to audio in MP3 format, in accordance with the following advantages:

  • Download and save video from YouTube.
  • Support download from different cloud services.
  • Convert video to MP3.
  • Support all file types.
  • Edit audio clips.
  • Manage playlists.
  • The possibility of working in the background.
تطبيق مشغل انغامي فيديوهات - لتنزيل وتحويل الفيديو إلى MP3

Player application anghami videos – download and convert video to MP3

Of course, the whole app benefits professional required available in cart application, you can rely on to create your own ringtones, convert videos to audio and extract it, of course, as well as the design that makes using the app easy and effortless.

Note: player application anghami videos currently available in the shutters of the Saudi just.


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch iPad iOS version 8.0 and above.

Size devices Apple: 42.8 MB

For download:

Developer : Saed Hamdan

Price : free

  Click here to download

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تطبيق مشغل انغامي فيديوهات - لتنزيل وتحويل الفيديو إلى MP3

Player application anghami videos – download and convert video to MP3

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