Players get ready: Razer will help you mine cryptocurrencies at home. But does it make sense?

Multi-billion dollar gaming equipment manufacturer Razer has released a new program through which gamers will be able to use their unused cards for mainiga cryptocurrency. The main trick here is that in fact gamers will not be able to keep the mined coins. Proposal for additional earnings appeared in the official Twitter account of the company.

At home idle gaming computer? The proposed method to make money on Razer Silver: just run SoftMiner on your PC and Silver mining. So you’ll be one step closer to the reward.

The new software is called SoftMiner and allows you to use the power of gaming graphics cards in idle mode. For example, while a gamer at school or work, his computer can get native Silver coins Razer. After downloading, the program automatically activates the graphics card in an unused computer. The interface distributes the reward tokens are Silver in accordance with how many managed to get through the allocated network capacity.

As NewsBTC writes, the tweet of the company for the most part were met with indignation. Some felt that it was a joke, and one user even offered to send electricity bills to pay with the tokens.

Good for Razer, but not for users


Although SoftMiner presented as an easy way to earn points that can be redeemed for all sorts of buns from Razer gadgets, games, discount coupons and “more” – in fact, users would be more profitable to self mine cryptocurrencies and withdraw their Fiat. Especially gamers should look to Zcoin. Mining this coin can bring good money. Read more about the production XZC read here.

Razer claim that with proper configuration you can get up to 500 credits per day or 1.67 dollar. The minimum threshold for compensation is 1,500 credits or $ 5. It’s three days of “mining”.

Although SoftMiner obviously not the best offer for gamers, it at least signals a growing interest in the cryptocurrency from the technology companies. We will remind, not so long ago, Asus in collaboration with Quantumcloud also proposed a similar program for mining. More data look at cryptodata.

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