Playstation 4 tops November sales in the U.S. market, according to leaks

Playstation 4

According to the registration of the user Magicpork on the network, it has made all gaming devices strong sales in the US market for the month of November last, and anyway, it has decreased the sales of all devices is relatively, but your Nintendo Switch which made a big jump from November 2017.

Sales of PlayStation IV fell by 13% from last year, and this means that the device has sold approximately 1.48 million units superior to the rest of the competitors in terms of the number of units sold. The competitors were very close, a Nintendo Switch increased his sales by 75% compared to November 2017, and that means that he sold about 1.36 million units in last November.

Even a Microsoft home Xbox One succeeded in maintaining strong momentum in sales, and did not decline its sales by only 3%, with that of November last year saw the launch of the Xbox One X, and this means that the device sold about 1.34 million units also.

In relation to new mobile 3DS fell its sales by 39%, and it is clear that the device is no longer able to continue long in the market.

Places is the rising sales of the U.S. market in 2018 until the moment of this writing and may ends up to win in the US market this year, but this will not be settled definitively only after the sales report of December, the difference is not big between the plates, and switch, and the month of December will be the difference between the two because of the power need in the holiday season and the issuance of the game Super Smash achieved huge successes.

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