Playstation 5 supports the participation of a group of players in the unit, DualShock 5

Detect the position of LetsGoDigital for a patent a new invention of Sony in the design of the control arm DualShock 5, which applies with the Playstation 5, which comes with two new features allows a group of players participating in the control unit of the arm of the DualShock 5.

Reviewed previous leaks some of the key features of the design, the DualShock 5, where applicable the design is trying to DualShock 4, but without a partner of LED lighting, today reveals the patent records from Sony in 2018, was detected in 5 of December through the site LetsGoDigital.

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Move the Sony to develop console games in the next Playstation 5 to provide a new experience in individual games, can support a subscription to a group of players in control of the game.

In order to implement this idea the company is working on the development of two new features in the control arm, the DualShock 5, where can a group of players participating in the challenge in the controls and tools DualShock 5 and play with in the individual games, for example, in the game Street Fighter that rely on competition between two players only, can a group of players participating in the challenge in the game controls with one player.

It is estimated that each player controls one controls the game, where you can talk one of the players in there are his kicks or punches through the buttons Square and a circle, while the player can the other be deprived of the joystick, or control triggers to guide the powerful strikes.

Also the projections indicate that this new method of control will be associated with a set of different games such as BattleField for example, it is estimated that water is available in games on the internet, or outside the scope of the internet also according to the invention.

Passing through the other water unit DualShock 5, that works for the team leader to allocate specific time for each player to start the challenge in the game, and then switch control to another player after the expiry of the specified time the player first, as it can support the water also move the player to another according to the performance of the player, so that can increase Play period with performance representative of the player, or the transfer of control of the game to another player in the case of performance weak.

It is planned to confirm the Sony on this when the official announcement of the console in new games to Playstation 5 with joystick DualShock 5.


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