PlayStation 5 won’t be ready before the summer of next year

If you are waiting for the new console next, you would wait 12 months extra at least, where Sony confirmed that your new games will be available this year, and not before 12 months from now.

This means that the area has become a range of, you call it the summer of next year? Or in the fall with the holiday season in the 2020’s? Two options are considered good, which is what we’ll give him more accurately in the E3 Expo next year, where you won’t see your Sony at this year’s show.

Are Sony updates big in PS5, there is a eight-core processor from AMD second-generation support for chart labels 8K with surround sound three-dimensional and the support of SSD storage support, games for the PlayStation 4.

As you can see the PS5 will be significant changes marked by the fourth generation, so might be worth to wait until next year to be the techniques evolved and the players became have a tendency more to get a new machine after they play the plates 4.

These updates to the technical specifications exist not only for players but also for developers to take advantage of them in their toys and get the possibilities of the stronger to exploit it in their business.

The competition will be hotly between Microsoft, which intends to launch the device on my Xbox next year, as well as we’ll see PlayStation new updates are great.

The sales of the PlayStation 4 so far 96.8 million devices approaching the threshold of 100 million devices that are available to reach in the next quarter. There are 36.4 million subscribers to a network spokesman, the cost of the process of the development of the PlayStation 5 so much so that she expects to reduce its operating profit in the next quarter by about 10%.

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