Plex for Android has been updated and is ready to become your favorite media player

It is no secret that for Android there are many different media players, but really good can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Such a good media player is Plex. This app allows you to view all stored on your Android device photos and videos, and listen to music directly on your TV, PC or other device. But further — more, because now Plex gets another update that makes it even more comfortable and functional than before.

What’s new in the Plex media player

New update 7.16.0 was specifically designed to increase performance and speed of your media player. First, it brought an updated interface, and secondly, the player received a new feature that when the user finishes watching one episode, the next episode of the queue begins to supersavings in the background. This should help to avoid unnecessary appearing before the problems with buffering and to reduce the download times out for the user.

There are also some innovations in the mode of watching videos. For example, users can now adjust the screen size or orientation. These settings can be done by going to the settings app, then to “playback Settings” and then “display Mode”. Also after the update, if you press the button to return to the home screen during video playback, you will run the mode of “picture in picture” that allows you to use the interest system while continuing to watch the video.

In General, those who are fans of the Plex can be already familiar with most of these new features since they were announced back in April and previously released a beta version of the app. What has changed now, all these innovations came out of beta and become available gradually for all users of Plex on Android.

Where to download the Plex media player

The updated version is already available in Google Play, and if the app is installed on your device, you should have seen the update notification.

In General, Plex has all chances to become your regular media player, because since its first launch it has turned into a universal app for all media files on your mobile device. Many can still consider Plex a simple player, but you have to understand that now it has evolved considerably and can offer much more than before.

Most of the functionality of the application works without the need to spend their money, but for those looking for the richest experience from Plex, it is possible to acquire additional capabilities through the purchase of a Plex Pass.

App: Plex
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Category: video Players and editors
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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