POCO is preparing to launch the first version of the headphones the wireless company soon

The company began POCO at work on the development of its first release of wireless headsets, in preparation for the official announcement about it during the coming period.

In a symposium conducted by the company POCO in India on the internet recently, has demonstrated the company’s future versions of the company scheduled to be launched during the coming period, the company has disclosed its plans to launch the first wireless headset from the company during this year.

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Take Company POCO new steps this year to break away from the main company Shao during the coming period, in the framework of the investigation that the company disclosed recently that her phone associated with the POCO F2 will not be a brand new phone Redmi K30 Pro.

Also use POCO for a competition relationship Realme commercial made during the financial period released the first wireless headsets Realme Buds Air, where the POCO soon released private markets.

As projections indicate that the company POCO will be hear by wireless soon in the conference of the POCO F2, is expected to reveal a POCO release date new releases on the 15th of April, as the company operates during the next period on the development of one POCO.


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