Poco Launcher one called Night mode Dark Mode from Shawty

I said, are applications that compete for access to the first rank in its class, as the car shops of this topic, Feghali is a mantra that there are many applications in the audio category like compete fiercely for access to the app most downloaded on app stores, but we don’t this conflict in the application of the car . Where beat preference to always apply Nova Nova Launcher that we talked about repeatedly as well as apply car Go Launcher.

What LIVE app Go Launcher momentum with accessories that feel with the user’s weight in performance, unlike the application of the Nova.

الوضع الليلي

Our application today recent and issuing Shawty where bears the stamp of this company in terms of shape, design, performance, application poco Launcher ensures even the resources of some of the most important benefits is its support for Night mode Dark Mode. If it would be my phone playing the Lions in a lot of Windows statements, which eases the burden in the phone’s battery consumption in the absence of this feature for several versions of the system Android the old.

The firing line poco Launcher with the phone Pocophone F1. Ones supplied on the Google Store as an independent to install it on any Android phone.
App you can manage the application groups in terms of frequency or cover of you want it, and supports a feature to change the icons as you wish from your grandparents and those that are available on the App Store.

Facebook Messenger supports the The Dark Dark Mode

In addition to his support for Night Mode. There are many additions such as can you lock the phone screen by double clicking on it without having to press the button of Power the traditional.

To activate the Night Mode, head to the Settings app including to the Background and the Dark , here you can control the degree of this opacity from the list at the bottom.

Download the app :


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